Kawasaki 21st Century International Exchange Club "Japanese Class"

Organiser: Kawasaki 21st Century International Exchange Club

  Place: Kawasaki Community Center, Ichinoseki

We run an elementary Japanese class that will be useful in your everyday life. These lessons are for any foreigners living in and around Ichinoseki.
In our lessons, we practice everyday conversation, writing your own Japanese address, etc. for those who have married into the area and, particularly, just arrived in Japan.
Those participating in our lessons also take part in a number of events around the area.

□ Aimed at : Foreigners in the area who don't feel comfortable with conversational Japanese
□ When : The dates have changed and are as follows.
20th August・17th September・1st October・15th October・29th October
12th November・26th November・10th December (Last class)
□ Time : 7~9pm
□ Place : Kawasaki Community Center, Ichinoseki (7-1 Azusuwa-mae, Kawasaki-cho Usuginu, Ichinoseki)
□ Places Available : 20
□ Fee : First time free. For those who wish to attend every lesson, it will cost an annual fee of 2,000yen

■ Inquiries and bookings
  Kawasaki 21st Century International Exchange Club "Japanese Class" (Person in charge: Yuzo Sato)
  TEL&FAX 0191-43-2253
  Email : qqr66qt9n@vivid.ocn.ne.jp