A Message from Governor Tasso (At the Regular Press Conference Meeting on Dec. 18)

Iwate prefecture

A Message from Governor Tasso

(At the Regular Press Conference Meeting on Dec. 18)

スペイン語/español(PDF)】  【ベトナム語/Tiếng Việt(PDF)
There has been a sharp increase in coronavirus infections, not only in Tokyo,
but throughout the country. The nenmatsu nenshi (end-of-the-year holidays) season is approaching very soon so
we can also expect to see an increase in people traveling or gathering for the occasion, despite the spread of infections not slowing down.

In Iwate Prefecture, we have reached the number of new cases at 7.9 per 100,000 people in the last week (as of December 17),
partly due to the cluster outbreaks that occurred in medical institutions.
However, we believe that the situation is not dire enough to severely strain our medical services;
therefore, as of now there is no need to increase the infection stage for Iwate to Stage III.

At the same time, several prefectures or regions have reached Stage III levels of infections
so it is still necessary to follow the preventative measures we have implemented at the HQ meeting on December 4.

Therefore, I would like to remind all residents and visitors of Iwate to carefully consider following the preventative measures listed below:

Regarding travel to areas or regions with a large spread of infections:
・I would like to sincerely ask residents and visitors to make careful considerations
when traveling to regions that are or have been reporting “15 or more new cases within the most recent week (against a population of 100,000)”,
one of several conditions indicating the rate of infections; or also to and from places
that have made announcements to refrain non-urgent and non-essential travel.

Safety measures during the end-of-the-year (nenmatsu nenshi) holidays:
・While I will not implement travel restrictions for the nenmatsu nenshi holidays, I ask that, as our residents travel,
visit back home, or go to temples or shrines for hatsumode, they avoid going at peak times
or go at a different time altogether in order to prevent areas from getting crowded.

Regarding preventative measures:
・Please continue to take basic measures such as wearing masks at all times,
washing your hands with soap, practicing coughing etiquette, ventilating frequently, adjusting humidity, and etc.
・Please check your health every day including monitoring your body temperature.
・If you are feeling ill with symptoms like a high fever or a cough, please refrain from leaving your home,
and consult with either your primary care/family doctor or the COVID-19 Consultation Center.
・Please avoid eating out in places that are at a risk of meeting all the “3 Cs”: close communication with others,
closed space that are poorly ventilated, and crowded areas.
・For families or those close to the family with an elderly family member or someone with pre-existing conditions,
I strongly urge to take extra precautions in following preventative measures to avoid the virus spreading to them
since they are known to have a higher risk of reaching critical conditions when infected.

I understand that there will be residents and visitors planning to take advantage of the discount coupons
and other campaigns that can be availed at certain accommodation facilities in Iwate during the holidays.
I would like to kindly ask that you thoroughly take preventative measures even during your travels,
similarly how you would at your home or your workplace.
Let us all work together in preventing the further spread of the virus so that we can all enjoy a safe and great nenmatsu nenshi holidays.

Thank you very much.