Please send us your pictures themed "towards hope"

Organizer: Iwate Museum of Art

The Iwate Museum of Art will open various new exhibitions and workshops under the theme "Strength of Art - Treasure for Iwate", as support towards East Japan's disaster recovery. To help with one of these efforts, entitled "Pictures Towards Hope", the Iwate Museum of Art is looking for people from across the prefecture to contribute their works of art.

【Works of art being collected and How to submit your work】
□ Collecting art from : residents in Iwate older than elementary school age
□ Substance of art : Pictures that express various thoughts and feelings in each of our hearts looking back on the time since the disaster until now.
□ Size : The size should be approx. A5 or B4. (There is no restriction on the quality of paper used)
 Material choice is at the artist's discretion. (you may use water colors, acrylics, colored pencils or anything on hand)
□ Submission Period : 20th November 2011 (Sun)~ 11th February 2012 (Sat)
□ How to submit your work :

Please fill out the prescribed application form and attach it to the back of your piece, then send it to the Iwate Museum of Art.
 Please use a kaku#0 (287 x 382mm) size envelope to send your piece, and please do not fold your work.
 ※Please do not make group submissions (such as school or work group submissions)
□ Please send your work to : "Pictures Towards Hope", Iwate Museum of Art
 12-3 Matsuhaba Motomiya, Morioka-shi 020-0866
【About the Exhibition】
□ Venue : Special Event Space, Temporary Exhibition, Iwate Museum of Art 
□ Exhibition Period : 3rd March 2012 (Sat) ~ 25th March (Sun) 
□ Other : ・All submissions received will be exhibited 
 ・Pieces will not be judged 
 ・Pieces will be mounted onto paper prepared by the Iwate Museum of Art before being exhibited
【About the return of work】
Please come to the museum to collect your piece during the specified period. If you wish your piece to be returned to you by post, please include a self-addressed envelope arranged for payment on delivery (chaku-barai)
※ Period for returning work 8th April 2012 (Sun) ~ 8th May (Tue)

■ Inquiries
  Iwate Museum of Art (in charge: Sugimoto)
  12-3 Matsuhaba Motomiya, Morioka-shi 020-0866
  TEL 019-658-1711  FAX 019-658-1712