Iwate International Association - Supporting Members and Donations

The Iwate International Association is seeking individuals and organizations who approve of the association’s goals and purpose to become “Supporting Members” in order to advance active international exchange in the prefecture through the participation of many different residents.

■ Click here for information on donations.

■ Supporting Members

International exchange, international cooperation, and multiculturalism invigorate local communities and create a better Iwate!

Please view the Supporting Members agreement here. (Japanese language)

■ Annual Membership Fee (per person/organization)

1. Individual – 3,000 yen
2. Student – 1,000 yen
3. Organization – 10,000 yen

※Membership is on a recurring yearly basis; members are asked to renew membership every year

■ Membership Benefits

1.Delivery of Iwate International Association publications.
2.Members will be the first to receive announcements from the international association.
3.Members will receive a “Travel Discount Map.” Upon showing your membership card at
participating stores, you can receive discounts on travel using select companies. For more information, please contact us.
4.Members will receive a “Ethnic Restaurant Map.”
Upon showing your membership card you can receive special deals from participating stores. For more information click here.
5.Members will get a tax break.

■ To apply for membership

Fill out an application form and supporting member bank transfer request and then complete the payment of the annual membership fee.
Please contact us by phone or email and provide us with your name and address. We will send you materials (an Iwate International Association pamphlet, flyer, and Supporting Member bank transfer request) to your home. (There will be no fee if you transfer funds through Iwate Bank, Tohoku Bank, or Kitanihon Bank.) You can also ask for materials from the International Exchange Center window.

■ Request for Donations

Along with its current activities, the Iwate International Association is seeking to contribute to the development and invigoration of the local community through international exchange and cooperation at the individual level. The International Association requires a solid financial basis in order to continue its activities into the long term and to strengthen its development into the future.
So in these harsh economic times your understanding and support is greatly appreciated.

For those who donate, your contributions can be deemed tax-deductible, so please contact the Iwate International Association for more information.


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